Neonatal Services Offered by Providers of Air Ambulance Service in Chicago, IL

Air Ambulance Services for Premature Infants

Every year in the US, there are more or less half a million babies are born premature. Because these babies’ organs are underdeveloped, they are required to stay in neonatal intensive care units. In some cases, when a baby is born premature at home unexpectedly, these babies need to be transported to the nearest hospital with neonatal ICUs.

In these cases, services of an air ambulance service in Chicago, IL is needed. Transporting premature babies is not always an easy task, and it will never be. These babies need special equipment like neonatal incubator and the care of a medical specialist to ensure the infant’s safety. Because these babies need an emergent care, it is a must that they are transported to a specialized facility in no time.

Air AmbulanceToday, Chicago air ambulance equipment has greatly advanced. They now have incubators that can automatically regulate both the baby’s core and outside temperature, the humidity of the room, the lights, and many others. Most of the air ambulances today are also equipped with skin temperature sensors, special mattresses, IV poles that can be used with AC and DC power sources.

With regards to the aircrafts, choices can range from regular helicopters to business-class jets. Modern business jets are more advances that they can transport infants over long distances. Moreover, trained flight paramedics and nurses are also on board to accompany the premature baby and sometimes the family, to ensure the neonates’ comfort and safety.

Other advanced equipment used by air ambulance service in Chicago, IL are shock absorbent foam in order to stabilize the baby and safety restraints to secure the newborn infant. All these things are all prepared to ensure the safety of the premature baby. Also, these individuals offer comfort to the mother of the baby and sometimes some relatives. In these cases, air ambulance can be surely a life saver.

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